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Signs By Us was established in 1972 and since then have assisted many businesses create signage to meet their ever-changing marketing requirements.

While our story began in 1972, our team launched a breakthrough new product in 1978 that we still use today. Back then we saw the need for an inexpensive product to offer the real estate industry. We found a new plastic board in Malaysia called flute board that suited our needs.

This discovery opened a whole new range of possibilities and so was born the Corflute real estate sign. Originally, we screen printed these boards from hand drawn lettering and cut them as a stencil. This process was, as you can imagine, very time-consuming, but saw us release a very popular product to market.

Today, we offer our clients a much wider range of high-quality signs in long-lasting digitally printed materials. We use ACM panel, banner materials, Corflute, LED illuminated lightboxes, teardrop banners and many others.

Our team understands the importance of branding and getting your message across, which is why our designers work with you to create the ideal concept to completion.

To ensure you get the highest quality result, we manufacture all our products in our well-equipped workshop in Portsmith. We use modern manufacturing techniques which allows us to offer you a fast turnaround.

This also means we can create the best signs in Cairns, at the best possible price!

Find out more about our products, services and company by contacting our team today. We’re always happy to send one of our friendly sales team member to meet with you and provide a presentation of what we can offer you and the services we have available at Signs By Us.


Some of the leading brands relying on Signs By Us for all their signage needs include:


Our custom fabrication service can be utilised for any project from basic accessibility signs, through to more complicated large-scale shopfronts.
We can help you truly make a statement with this large-scale signage. The best part of this type of signage is the varied design and material options available to you.
3D Lightboxes
Lightbox signs, similar to LED signs, are uniquely effective in brand advertising. They draw attention to your business no matter the time of day or night.
The team at Signs By Us can put your eye-catching message or company logo onto any vehicle. Whether parked or moving, you’ll be seen anywhere you go!

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